02/08/2019 16:14
Another extension well in progress. Danosa single ply roof membrane backed by 20 years guarantee.
06/02/2018 16:52
Whether you are looking for a full renovation or extension, new kitchen or bathroom, we can help. Get in touch for free estimate.  
11/10/2017 17:49
Need to refresh your kitchen?  Get in touch with us.  
31/01/2016 09:07
Need to remove wall or two?  We can have a look and advise what is needed to make your new kitchen-diner.
13/12/2015 13:30
Actual running project. Need a bigger kitchen or add launch?    
16/11/2009 23:28
Our new website has been launched today. We are thanking you to for giving time to visit our new website. Thank You.. Come Again !!!!!